BTS reaction you (stranger) defend them from a hater’s insult

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Can I please have BTS reaction when they are at the convenient store with disguise and hear someone talks bad about them. Suddenly, you (stranger), angrily step up and defend for them. You start to point out their good things and want that person to apologize. Thank you :)))

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reactions and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

Would be extremely shocked at you jumping in when someone called him ugly. He would be frozen for a second before jumping in to stop you .

“That’s not necessary but thank you” he gave you a warm smile .

“They should apologize” Jin shook his head .

“Would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?” .

He would feel obliged to thank you for standing up for him .

Suga :

Yoongi would watch you intently as you told off the person who was mocking his song writing skills. A smile crawled onto his face followed by a chuckle .

“Go apologize” Yoongi waved off the person, they scurried away with that .

“You’re something else, but thank you” he left chuckling to himself .

J-Hope :

Hoseok frowned when he heard someone give a distasteful comment about his dancing .He was shocked to see you randomly tell the person off .

“Apologize!” .

“I’m really sorry” Hoseok gave a curt nod before the person walked away .A smile crept onto his face when he looked at you .

“Thank you, what’s your name?” .

“Y/N” he would stick to you as you both continued shopping constantly asking you questions .

Rap Monster :

Namjoon couldn’t believe his ears when you begun to freak out over someone remarking obscenely about his rapping.

He grinned awkwardly, as you screamed at that person to apologize .

“I didn’t mean that, sorry” .

“No problem” he shifted awkwardly as the person went the other way .

“You know you didn’t have to do that, I get comments like that daily” .

“People shouldn’t say things like that, it’s unnecessary” a large grin painted itself onto his face .

“How about I buy you some ice cream as a thank you?” .

Jimin :

He picked up a bottle of water from the fridge. Someone eyed him up and down before blatantly stating that he was very unattractive.

You couldn’t stand that comment, stepped in and spat back at the person, his eyes never left you.

“Sorry” Jimin snapped back to the present, he didn’t respond and the person rushed away in the opposite direction .

“Thanks” he said nervously before going to meet the other members .

V :

Taehyung would feel downhearted at a guy who claimed that his voice was awful.

Shocked at his words you scolded the guy, pushing his to apologize.

“Sorry about that” the guy left not wanting to deal with you anymore .Taehyung smiled admiringly, he would give you a hug but only if you were ok with it .

“Thank you, no on has done that for me before. Come on I want you to meet the others” he would grab your hand and lead you to the other members .

Jungkook :

Frozen, no words could escape, muscles unresponsive. Jungkook was in a state of pure shock at you, a stranger standing up for him when someone made a offensive statement about him.

Even when the person apologized to him he couldn’t move .

“Are you okay?” He came back to reality and shifted uncomfortably, before nodding. He was incredibly taken back by your boldness .

“Y-yes thank you” he gave you a sharp nod before walking off, couldn’t believe what just happened .

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