BTS reaction to finding their GF not in a good condition after the rival gang kidnapped her – Mafia au!

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Hello! Could I have mafia Au Bts where the rival gang kidnaps and tortures you, until they finallt found you and youe not a good condition? Thank you!^^

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

Jin sped past everyone near him, he’d finally found you after you gone missing for 3 day. He could have sworn he was going crazy with out you.

He paused at the sight of you, your clothes were stained with blood, your face swollen.

He didn’t let himself feel anger, you were his main concern. So he jogged over to you and stroked you messy hair .

“Baby?” you looked at him through your lashes, your body was too sore for you to move .He took you into his arms gently and rocked you back and forth .

“I promise I’ll never let his happen to you again, I’m so sorry” .

Suga :

Anger, that was the only emotion present. Your body was decorated with bruises.

Yoongi clenched his fist, he wanted to hit something. This was his fault, he shouldn’t have let you out of his sight.

He had to spend 2 days alone, those were the worst 48 hours of his life .He put his hand under your chin and made you look at him. He frowned when you hissed in pain .

“I promise to you I’ll kill whoever did this to you. No one will ever lay their hands on you again” he wiped away your tears and kissed your forehead .

J-hope :

He was miserable, the only energy he had was to search for you. Nothing else was on his mind besides finding you .

“I’m sorry I made this happen” he blamed this on himself but truly it was your defiant behavior that got you in this position .He held you even though you were cover in what he hoped was not your blood .

“You’re safe now” .

Rap Monster :

Namjoon only felt anger from the day you went missing, no one could calm him down the way you could.

He hated himself for this, it was all because of him. He should have let you have a normal life but the thought of you being with anyone else killed him .20 minutes had passed and he refused to let you go, accidentally squeezing your bruised body. He was going to make sure this was the first and last time that this happened .

“I love you baby” he repeated for the twentieth time .

Jimin :

Jimin felt tears begin to stir but he couldn’t cry ,he had to be strong for the both of you. You were the only person that could make him feel so vulnerable .

“Y/N?” there was a visible wound to your thigh .He knelt down in front of you and shook his head, still fighting his tears. 

“I-I” he didn’t know what to say ,so you dove into his arms and let your teats fall, he wouldn’t do it so you let the tears go for both of you .

“Never leave me again” he gripped onto you tightly .

V :

The love of his life sat on the floor, blood and bruises were adorned your body.

Taehyung shook in anger, hearing you groan extinguished his anger. He scooped you into his arms and rocked you slowly .

“I missed you” he dug his head into the crock of your neck. Nothing felt better than to have you in his arms after 4 days .

“I’ll never let you go again, not as long as I live” tear saturated your face ,so he wiped them away and kissed your cheek .

“Let’s go home” .

Jungkook :

He was finally able to hold you in his arms again. 72 hours, each hour felt like a year.

He didn’t have any thing to say, he just enveloped your bruised body into his embrace.

A deep sigh left his lips before they were planted on your lips. He rubbed your back soothingly as you cried .

“You’re finally safe, everything’s ok now” he couldn’t crush his feeling of guilt but he had to push it aside, you will always be his first concern .

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