BTS reaction to their GF cries while listening to 2! 3! because of depression

Anonymous said : 

Bts reacting to you crying while listening to 2! 3! Ncs you have depression ? Thank you, and have a nice day$night .

Hey cutie~ thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

Soekjin would be at your side within a second to comfort you. He’d be with you through thick and thin knowing that you have depression. Soekjin would be your rock .

Suga :

Yoongi wouldn’t be as invested in you seeing you cry to 2! 3! but knowing you have depression would change that completely. He’d want to know if you alright and if you needed anything. 

J-hope :

Hoseok would hate to see you cry no matter what you were crying over. He’d stick to you until he thought that you were ok, it would probably even become annoying .

Rap Monster :

Like Suga he wouldn’t really pay attention to you crying for the song but he might want to know what in the song makes you cry. With you having depression he’d be there holding you while you cry. 

Jimin :

This boy would be all over you as soon as he saw your face. He’d try everything in his power to make you smile and don’t expect him to leave you alone after that, he’d probably tease you about crying over the song .

V :

Taehyung would be like Jimin but times 10 worse and without the teasing. He wouldn’t leave you alone and you would get annoyed by it. He’d make you smile even if it meant embarrassing himself. 

Jungkook :

He’d make his way to you, dropping whatever he was doing, and just hold you as you cry. For the rest of that day he’d ask you if you were ok and keep you happy even more that usual .

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