BTS reaction to their GF wants to break up because of ARMYs’ hate

purple-kpop said:

Hi! Can you do BTS reaction to their s/o wanting to break up because of the hate from armys? Thanks ❤

Hey cutie~thanks for requesting ! here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

“I want to breakup” Soekjin’s head shot up at your words .

“What, why?” you sighed feeling sadness wash over your body .

“I can’t take it any more” you blinked back the tears that were forming in your eyes. Soekjin frowned, not knowing what you were talking about. You handed him your phone, hateful comments were painted all over you social media pages .  Soekjin stood up and wrapped his arms around you .

“I don’t want you to go….but if that what you want you can, however I want you to give it one more try, I’ll be there with you every step of the way” .

Suga :

You sat down next to Yoongi who’s face was deep in his phone. He glanced at you from the corner of his eye, he could see that something was on your mind .

“You ok?” you bit your lip .

“I can’t do this anymore, the hate is too much for me” Yoongi raised a brow .You showed him all the recent hate messages that you’ve been receiving, Yoongi’s face show nothing but anger.

His immediate reaction would be to tell off those hurting you but had to stop him, not wanting him to get in trouble. He took your hand in his .

“I handle this, ok?. There’s no need for us to break up” .

J-hope :

No words came out from Hoseok’s mouth when you said that you wanted to break up, he only stared at you with a blank expression .

“I don’t like getting so much hate”

Hoseok sighed remembering the posts he saw about you, he couldn’t believe that his fans were the ones creating those posts .

“I don’t want you to go” Hoseok could feel his heart tremble at the thought of losing you so he pulled you into his embrace, holding you tightly .

“We’ll figure this out, I promise” .

Rap Monster :

“We need to talk” you shifted awkwardly in front of him .

“I’ve had enough of this” you pushed your phone into his hand, not one good message about your relationship could be seen .

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” you sighed not know what to say .

“I thought I could handle it but it’s too much” your voice cracked. Namjoon took your hand into his and kissed your forehead .

“We’re gonna get through this ok?, no one is going to get in between us” .

Jimin :

“I think we should break up” Jimin was taken by surprise by your sudden out burst .

“Your fans hate me” .

“That’s not true” he pouted .Hate messages crowded your inbox, a nice message shined through every now and then .Jimin’s eyes fell onto Yoongi’s unmoving figure on the couch in the other room .

“I won’t let you go so easily, come on let’s go talk to hyung” .

V :

Taehyung’s world went dark as the words break up slipped between your lips. The negative words about your relationship that you showed him made him feel disappointed .

“I’m sorry jagiya, don’t be sad” Taehyung took you into his arms .He looked around the room to see Namjoon leaning on the door frame, his eyes deep into his phone .

“Let’s go talk to Namjoon hyung” .

Jungkook :

“Why?” this was the only thing Jung could say after you do said that you wanted to break up .

“You know why” his face went blank before he suppressed a groan, he thought back to all the hateful posts you showed him .

“I don’t want us to end” he was unsure of what else he could say. A familiar squicky laugh caught his attention, Namjoon was sat with Jin across the room. 

“I think we need to talk to hyung first” .

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