BTS reaction to their dog brings their GF’s un…

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Bts reaction to their dog randomly bring them their gf’s underwear/bra when they are with the other members .

HEy !! thanks for requesting ,here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :  

Soekjin stared at his dog in awe when he realized what he had in his mouth. He dashed for before anyone could realize that it entered the room. He removed the pair of panties it had in its mouth and shoved it in his pocket.

Some the other members stared at him in confusion.  

“I know I’m handsome, stare all you want” .

Suga :

Yoongi’s dog strutted into the room with blue fabric in her mouth, Yoongi eyes his dog suspiciously, he thought that he knew that fabric from somewhere.  

She dropped it in the ground and picked it up again. Yoongi’s eyes went wide as he realized what he had in his mouth. He inched towards the view of Holly, blocking the others view.  

In a swift movement he grabbed the bra and sat on it, V eyed him

“What are you looking at?”

J-Hope :

Hoseok bit his tongue to keep him from calling out to his dog . She had a pair of your panties chewing on

“I’ll be back” he stood up and walked briskly towards her .

“Bad dog”  he picked her up and went into another room with here pulling the panties from her mouth .

Rap Monster :

Namjoon glanced over when he heard growling, his eyes went wide when saw his dog playing with your bra. He glanced around at the other members who were preoccupied.

He stared in front of him wanting to keep attention away from him.  

“I’m gonna go get some water” he stood up, making sure that no one’s eyes were on him when he left. He swiftly grabbed your bra from him, hiding it under his shirt

Jimin :

Jimin froze when his eyes landed on the pink panties his dog was laying on. His face heated up remembering that the other members were in the room  

“You ok?” He nodded with a smile

Jimin stood and scurried to his dog grabbing the underwear and shoved it into his pocket before leaving the room

V :

Your dog strolled into the room planting herself behind Taehyung.  

“What does she have in her mouth?” Namjoon pointed out

Taehyung turned to face her, his eyes widened. He took the purple bra she had in her mouth.

“It’s just a shirt” Taehyung spun around completely, he stood up to exit, trying his best to hide the bra in his hands

Jungkook : 

No words could come out from Jungkook’s mouth. He couldn’t leave his eyes as he sat down on your underwear after dropping it from his mouth.

Jungkook weighed his options, his eyes never leaving your dog.  

“Jungkook?” His eyes darted to Taehyung, his face blank

“What?” He forced himself to not look back at your dog. Taehyung shook his head.

“I’m gonna go check on Y/N” Jungkook jogged to your dog, he knelt down to pat her head and took your underwear from him

Jungkook left to go find you with a deep sigh .

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