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OMG I LOVE YOUR PAGE SOOOOO MUCH 💕💕💕 please can I have a reaction where you are giving birth to their first child but there are complications and they are worried about losing both you and their child (maybe a happy ending ☺️) Thank you 💕💕💕


💕💕💕 thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :


He could hear his heartbeat, like drums were played in his head. Jin could feel the danger of what was happening, just imagining the worst made him feel like collapsing.

A sudden power held him up on his legs as the doctor came out of the operating room .

“Doctor?…” he couldn’t say more, his imagination drew pictures of you lying on that bed with white sheets, covered you in blood, that was enough for him to lose the ability of speaking for minutes .

“Don’t worry Mr.Kim, it was a difficult surgery but fortunately she and the baby are both fine. You can wait here till she wakes up then you can come in, thank God the large amiunt if blood didn’t affect her badly ..” the doctor spoke with delight, Jin could feel it, every positive word that fell from the doctor’s lips made Jin even more relaxed, he let out a sigh of relief and thanked him over and over again.

As he counted the seconds Jin entered your room as if he entered Heaven, the wish of meeting his other halves finally came true, he couldn’t ask for anything more .

“Ohh my God y/n, I knew you would make it ,you look- you’re stronger than I thought ..” he said as he showered you with kisses all over your face.  

He glanced of your daughter, the masterpiece you and him created

“Gosh y/n, we created an angel, as beautiful as me !” you glared at him .

“and as sweet and cute as my love ..” he kissed your forehead .

Suga :


It was so strange, so new for him to feel such pain, to feel so terrified of losing someone. It wasn’t normal  for him to panic but because the one who might to die was you he couldn’t help but panic. His only prayer was for you to continue breathing

As the doctor walked out Yoongi couldn’t find the power to raise up his head, thoughts of losing you were spinning around in his head making him dizzy but he had to force himself to do it for you  

“Mr. Min congratulations you have a beautiful boy waiting for you in the room “ smiled slightly, trying to hide his tensed face, that made Yoongi’s dizziness increase  

“And- and y/n ..” he tried to show off some strength, but his words didn’t seem but weaker  

“Yes ,she had problems with her placenta but we handled it quickly, she’s in the room with the baby too-“ without even letting the doctor continue Youngi rushed towards your room with all hope of meeting you awake and smiling .

He kept staring at you as he held his baby between his arms, waiting for half an hour till you woke up. You saw his cute and joyful expression as he was caressing his boy before you noticed, a warm, gentle smile on his face, proud of you finally waking up.  

“If you were planning to drop my heart to my feet then you succeeded ..” you kept eye contact before putting his child down then kissed you

“He is as beautiful as you and he has my ears ..” you giggled lightly .

"That makes him even more perfect ..!”

J-Hope :


It took him no time to break down as he heard the news, he imagined it being a piece of cake, but it turned into two hours in the operating room, he spent them crying himself, imaging the worst .

“Mr.Jung ..” Hoseok didn’t even notice the doctor when he walked out.  

After hearing his name he stood up immediately and wiped his tears away, hoping for relief from the doctor’s words.

“Don’t worry, they’re all right. It shouldn’t take that long but we faced difficulties with stoping her bleeding but luckily we were able to get it under control” the doctor said in a serious tone, this didn’t  give him much comfort  

“Is she- are they fine ?. Are they in danger ?” Hoseok spoke while shivers ran down his spine

“They’re all tight, it happens now and then, especially with the first child. So don’t worry, also you can see them when she wakes up “ the doctor patted at his back and wished him the best.  

It took him like 15 minuets to recover from his sadness, and after a while he entered your room, with a brightly composed but the second he sat next to you and grabbed your hand he burst into tears all again .

“Gosh y/n, I was scared to death” before he leaned and kissed you deeply.  

He took few steps towards the incubator, breathing heavily, trying to control himself.

“Did you see her y/n? she’s just like you, soft and amazing !” you smiled and whispered.

“I haven’t, but I’m sure she’s as caring and beaming as you”

RM :


Pressure, all he could feel is pressure, as he walked back and forth, trying to reduce his stress, as it seemed like that was the only way he could.

The moment the doctor came out, Namjoon took a deep breath, with an inner hope for good news.

“Doctor, why did it take so long?” the doctor smiled warmly, as he could see how stressed Joon was, just by looking into his eyes.

“They’re all right, we just need to keep Mrs. Kim here for two weeks at least, to keep an eye on her if any complications happen, and your twins are great, as healthy and relaxed as you want them to be” Namjoon’s smile became wider at every word the doctor spoke. He thanked him over and over again, as he spent a long while on the chair trying to calm himself down and recover from his shock.

As he entered your room, his dimples suddenly showed up, as if his heart was healed just by the sight of you, smiling comfortably and his kids sleeping calmly in the incubator.

“You really surprised me y/n, you look better than ever, another proof how perfect you’re!” he slid his finger on your face.

“You always treat me with your sweet talk” you smiled warmly as he kissed you.

“You deserve it, I swear!” he said as he walked towards the incubator, kissing each of his kids’ heads.

“I think I’ll face troubles finding a difference between them, they’re both smooth and adorable!” he admired them with caring eyes.

Jimin :


Unexpectedly, Jimin is the only one who was shocked, sitting all alone staring at the wall, lost in his world of nightmares  

“Mr. Park?” As Jimin heard his name, he didn’t react immediately, eventually he looked slowly up at the doctor, with no strength to speak a word.

“Congratulations, you have now a beautiful girl, and your wife is sleeping in her room, I won’t deny that the surgery was difficult, but she was strong enough to handle it. You can meet her when she wakes up” Jimin nodded, without a noticeable facal expressions. And again, he didn’t move. Finally he realized what happened and he started crying.

As he stepped in your room, you could notice his red eyes before he threw himself on you for a very long hug, like a child going back to his mother.

“I swear if you do this again I will die” you wiped his tears away.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m fine, we’re  both fine!” you mumbled wearily as you looked at your daughter near you.

Jimin walked slowly towards her, he spent a minute just staring at her with a tired and light smile.

“She- she’s an angel!” Then he looked at you.

“We’ll call her Heaven!”

V :


As expected, the moment the boys heard about you giving birth they ran to the hospital to stay with Taehyung because it’ll be one of his best moments. They saw him sobbing hardly, tears showered his face.

“They- They said she- she has troubles, and- and she is bleeding heavily” he mumbled between his sobs.

“Mr.Kim?” the doctor called, everyone stood up, Tae couldn’t control himself.

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. She just lost a huge amount of blood so we need to keep her here, but she’ll be alright. Congrats, you’re the father of a very handsome son” the boys cheer and clapped, hugging Taehyung and congratulated him, as a huge boxy smile showed up on V’s face.

He hid himself behind a large bouquet of flowers, then sang your favorite song as he entered the room, with an atmosphere full of joy and delight. He kissed your forehead and stared deeply into your eyes.

“ohhh look at you, all comfortable” he kissed you again, before picking up your son.  

You could see how happy he was happy, a tear fell down from his cheek, he kissed the baby.

“We made a miracle, a beautiful cute miracle !”

Jungkook :


“Hyung ,y/n is giving birth today” Kook said in a firm tone.

“I know it’s early but..” he lost his strength suddenly and burst into tears

“She’s been in the operation room for two hours and I can’t stand on my own anymore! I can’t stop think about how bad it’ll may be!” it took only a minute for his tears to cover his cheeks, the thought of losing both of you was too much too much to bare alone

RM dashed towards the doctor as he came out, Jungkook couldn’t even take a deep breathe to calm himself down.

“Jungkook-ah!” Namjoon said as he finished with the doctor.

“I can’t believe that you have a family now!” Jungkook was taken aback by his words.

“Congratulations Jeon Jungkook ! you now have a girl and her mother will be waiting for you after she wakes up!” unlike Taehyung, Kook couldn’t recover fast from the shock, as the boys stayed with him til the last minute, he needed another hour to believe that you were fine.

“I promised them I wouldn’t cry “ Jungkook whispered as he hugged you, but tears filled his eyes.

“Look at you being a great father from the beginning!” you said as you wiped away his tears .

“I know she’ll be as beautiful as you” he said as he caresses your girl, smiling as a proud dad, happy as Jungkook always used to be.

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