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BTS Reaction to finding out their girlfriend who left them was pregnant and left because she didn’t want to ruin the member’s image. In the reaction they find out and confront her which can lead to a fluffy ending your choice. 😊

FINALLY we are back, after finishing exams we’ll do all the requested reactions and ships as we can, sorry for being late! thanks for requesting and hope you like it ><


Soekjin had decided to go grocery shopping and to his surprise he ran into you, his ex-girlfriend. He stared at you with his mouth slightly open. Your round belly was peaking out from your shirt. He couldn’t bring himself to speak, he didn’t know what to say .

“Jin?” Your voice brought his eyes back up to meet yours .

“Why?” He croaked. He knew that baby had to be his .

“I didn’t want to ruin your image” you spoke softly Soekjin could comprehend the words that come out of your mouth .

“I don’t care” his words caught you off guard .He knelt down and pressed his face to your belly .

“I’ll always love you” .

Suga :

Seeing you standing in front of him was already a lot for him to take in but the sight of your belly made him nauseous. Yoongi immediately regretted going out.  

“Congratulations” his voice held no emotion .

“It’s not what you think, the baby is yours” Yoongi was fuming but a small part of him couldn’t be mad at you.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You sighed .

“I didn’t think this would be good for your image” Yoongi rolled his eyes .

“You’re joking, my unborn child is more important. Whether you like it or not I will be in this child’s life” .

J-Hope :

Hoseok frowned unsure how to feel. He never expected to see you nevertheless see you pregnant, he felt conflicted. You knew it wasn’t right keeping this from him, the look on his face was of pure confusion, it was time to be truthful.  

“The baby is yours” Hoseok’s eyes widened .He stayed frozen, unsure how to act. A wave of emotions ran through him but the strongest emotion was happiness. He took your hand into his and his other to touch your stomach .A smile came to his lips as his unborn child responded with a kick .

“I promise I’ll always be there for you” .


Namjoon knew you just by your silhouette. He made his way to you, leaving the boys. His hand came in contact with your shoulder making you turn around. Just from your face he could see that something was different.  His eyes trailed your body and landed on your baby bump.  

“Congrats. Who’s the dad?” You chewed on your lip .

“You are” Namjoon scrunched his face .

“What?” He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard .

“Why didn’t you tell me?” .

“I didn’t want to hurt your career” he was not pleased by your reasoning .

“You’re pregnant with my child, that doesn’t matter as much. I can’t believe you hid this from me. I want to be in my child’s life” .

Jimin :

The idea of you carrying his child was no something he really thought about but here you were with a round belly looking a difficult types of food snacks. The idea of that child not being his popped into his head, it made him ill.  

“Hey Y/N” you froze for a second before turning to face him .

“Hey, I can explain” you chewed on you lip before sighing .

“I wanted to tell you but then I thought about your career. I know you wouldn’t want a baby right now” Jimin walked up to you and embrace you .

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a father” .

V :

Anger and confusion was what hit him first. Was that his child? Taehyung walked up to you with an emotionless stare .

“I-Is that my baby?” he pointed to your stomach, you nodded hesitantly .He was hurt; you broke up with him for what he thought was no reason and most of all that you didn’t tell him .

“I know your career is your number one priority” he just stared at you, utterly confused and frustrated .

“I will, no, I do love my baby more that my career” .

Jungkook :

Seeing you pregnant was a complete shock. He stood away from you just looking at your stomach. Fear consumed Jungkook as he saw you leave the ice cream pallor.  

“Y/N!” he chased after you .He stood in front of you looking straight into your eyes, he didn’t know what to say.  

“I wanted to say something but your career is taking off” he cocked his head to the side. He didn’t want a baby now but it was still his child and he had a responsibility to it .

“I want to take care of it, I will take care of it”

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