BTS reaction to them dating a black girl

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Hey~can I please request a BTS reaction to them dating a black girl ? THANKS !!!

Hey girl !!!! thanks for requesting and sorry for taking so long.. hope u like it ><


The idea of dating a black girl wasn’t the first thing on his mind but when you entered his life his perspective changed. The words I love you rolled over in his head numerous times. He didn’t care about those who apposed the idea of him dating a black girl. He rested his head onto of your kinky hair with a sigh, enveloping you in his arms. He moved his head back, brought his hand to your chin making you look at him.

“It took me too long to say this……..I love you”.


Yoongi was never bothered by your race. He saw you, thought you were cute, befriended you then asked you out, end of story. No one could tell him otherwise, you’re the girl who captured his heart. Of course not as many people were surprised but there was still a backlash which he protected you from. Now people are a lot more comfortable about the idea however there will always be some people against your relationship. Yoongi looked down at you as you laid in his lap, your eyes caught his.  

“I love you”.


It was a bit different dating someone outside his race but that didn’t stop him. You became his world in a matter of months. Not a soul could persuade Hoseok to think that your relationship wouldn’t last He squeezed your hand catching your attention, your gaze left the TV and landed on his eyes.

“I-I wanted to say this for while but I didn’t know how, I love you Y/N”.


You being black never bothered Namjoon in the slightest way. Very few people were surprised when he announced your relationship. He loved everything about you and he made it his job to make sure that you were comfortable. There weren’t a lot of things that was too foreign to him, from your taste in food to your lengthy hair regimen. You’d banished him from the kitchen not too long after you started living together so he sat on a stool near the counter. He stood up from the stool, went up behind you and turned you around. Being so close to the food you were preparing made his mouth water.

“Didn’t I banish you from the kitchen?, especially near the stove” he laughed and opened his mouth for you to feed him a piece of chicken He cupped your cheeks and softly kissed your lips.

“I love you so mcuh”.


Jimin was quite a bit hesitant dating a black girl. He didn’t know how other would react and how it would work out having two people from such different backgrounds but it worked out for the best. People’s words still slightly bothered him, thankfully not as much in the beginning of your relationship. He realized he loved you a few months back but didn’t know what to do.  

“I think I love you” he snapped his head towards you. You sat up on your bed and brought your knees to your chest. Naturally the words slipped from his lips.

“I love you too”.


Taehyung to say the least immersed himself in your culture. Everything about you was interesting, overall he loved playing with your hair the most and that’s exactly what he was doing now. Taehyung was at first bothered by the harsh words directed to the both of you nevertheless you both learned to ignore the negative comments. His fingers were removed from your hair and brought down to your torso, a smile made its way to his face. He tickled you till you were out of breath, both of you stared at each other chuckling.

“You have no idea how much I love you ”.


It was more or less curiosity that drew Jungkook you, he wanted to try dating someone different and to his delight he enjoyed every second you two were together. Negative comments surrounded your relationship but thanks to his Hynugs you and him fought through all of the hate. He twiddled his thumbs as he stared at you doing your hair. He stood up and knelt down next to you with a shaky breath.

Y/N….I love you".

~For all my fellow black women out there, my love goes out to you ❤ ~