BTS reaction to their wife having giving birth…

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He could hear his heartbeat, like drums were playing in his head. Jin could feel the danger from what was happening, just imagining the worst made him feel like collapsing. A sudden power held him up on his legs as the doctor came out of the operating room.  

“Doctor?…” he couldn’t say more, his imagination drew pictures of you lying on that bed with white sheets, covered you in blood, that was enough for him to lose the ability of speaking for minutes.  

“I don’t know what to say mr. Kim, the baby died due to acute oxygen deficiency, I’m really sorry for your lose” the air around Jin lessened at every word the doctor spoke, it was hard to take a normal breath as tears formed in his eyes, staring at the doctor who drew a small sad smile on his face, saying in pity:  

“but thankfully the only damage your wife suffered was losing a huge amount of blood, she’ll hopefully wake up tomorrow or the day after. Stay strong Mr. Kim” he patted at Seokjin’s shoulder and left, leaving him sinking in his sadness as his sobs were hearable. He threw himself on the chair, not able to make a move, just covering his face and wailing with sorrow.  


It was so strange, so new for him to feel such much pain, to feel so terrified of losing someone. It wasn’t normal for him to panic but because the one who might to die was you he couldn’t help but panic. His only prayer was for you to continue breathing. As the doctor walked out Yoongi couldn’t find the power to raise up his head, thoughts of losing you were spinning around in his head making him dizzy but he had to force himself to do it for you.  

“Mr. Min,” The doctor said seriously, Yoongi looked up at him, the doctor’s face didn’t hint at anything good, which left in Suga’s heart an aching scared feeling.  

“I’m sorry for what I’ll say, but the baby’s blue color doesn’t indicate good, we can’t ignore the probability of him having a cerebral palsy. And we’ll keep Mrs. Min on probation to void other complications” words fell on Suga’s ears making his heartbeat even faster, the view became blur as tears fell down his cheeks, he froze there for a long while, imagining the next days, how his dreams suddenly fell apart, and how he should stay strong, so you can exceed it together, like you always do.  


It took him no time to break down as he heard the news, he imagined it being a piece of cake, but it turned into two hours in the operating room, he spent them crying himself, imaging the worst.  

“Mr. Jung ..” Hoseok didn’t even notice the doctor when he walked out. After hearing his name, he stood up immediately and wiped his tears away, hoping for relief from the doctor’s words.  

“I need to tell you that we did our best, but the umbilical cord was furled around the fetus’ neck which making it difficult to get her out, unfortunately your wife died not too long after from postpartum haemorrhage. I’m really sorry for your lose Mr. Jung. And for the baby, we’ll keep an eye on her cuz we doubt she may has health problems” Hoseok stood still, in the same position, couldn’t understand a word, that you died. His eyes locked on the wall, staring unstoppably with a straight face, no noticeable expressions. As the boys dashed toward him, he didn’t make a single move, he couldn’t even answer their uncountable questions about your early birth giving, and when he overcame the shock, his wailing sound became higher and higher as he fell on the ground, crying.


Pressure, all he could feel is pressure, as he walked back and forth, trying to reduce his stress, as it seemed like that was the only way he could. The moment the doctor came out, Namjoon took a deep breath, with an inner hope for good news.  

“Doctor, why did it take so long?” the doctor looked down, and with grief he said:  

“I’ll admit it, it wasn’t easy, and the lack of oxygen puts the baby at risk for neurological disease, maybe he’ll have a problem in walking or maybe more, I’m truly sorry. Y/N will be in her room, but you can’t enter till she wakes up, she lost a lot of blood” Namjoon nodded in silence, acting all strong and satisfied.

“Joon, what happened?” Jin rubbed his back, as the rest surrounded him with panicked eyes, so he smiled sadly, avoiding their looks.  

“he said I may have a disable child, and Y/N is in her room, after losing too much blood” the silence was scary as they stared at him, shocked and noticeably sad, as they could see his eyes tearing up.  

“it’s never an obstacle, we’ll get through it, I know” he ended his words with a falling tear, as Jin hugged him tightly, so he can cry as he wanted.


Unexpectedly, Jimin is the only one who was shocked, sitting all alone staring at the wall, lost in his world of nightmares .

“Mr. Park?” As Jimin heard his name, he didn’t react immediately, eventually he looked slowly up at the doctor, with no strength to speak a word.  

“I don’t know what to say, we tried every way possible, but the sudden placenta detachment which caused the early birth giving affected on the baby, he died. I know the magnitude of your lose but I need you to stay strong for you and your wife. We’ll keep an eye on her till she wakes up in her room, but you can’t enter before she does. Sorry again” Jimin’s eyes quickly filled with tears, listening to every single word broke his heart into a million pieces, he couldn’t realize his calamity as he stayed in his position, tears showering his face, covering his mouth, so no one can hear his sobs, or how dismal his soul was that time. After seconds of self-control, he took a depressed deep breath, searching for the last ounce of strength he had, but he couldn’t find it. Suddenly his wails became audible, heartbroken.  


As expected, the moment the boys heard about you giving birth they ran to the hospital to stay with Taehyung because it’ll be one of his best moments. They saw him sobbing hardly, tears showered his face.

“They- They said she- she has troubles, and- and she is bleeding heavily” he mumbled between his sobs.  

“Mr. Kim?” the doctor called, everyone stood up, Tae couldn’t control himself.  

“I want to comfort you; the baby is ok but Mrs. Kim as I said is bleeding heavily, and we’re forced to remove her uterus or she’ll be affected, I need to get you permission before proceeding” V looked down, blinking several times, he didn’t know how to feel, happy for you two being ok or depressed that he won’t have another kid? The boys sat next to him, half smiling and the rest having his same complicated feelings. He gave a sorrowful yes before smiling softly, whispering:  

“at least they’re alive” taking a deep breath, putting on his usual boxy smile, and with a sudden cheerful tone he said:  

“we’ll be ok, we’ll make the greatest family” they shared him his hopes and dreams, but each one of them knew how hurt he was, and how much he suffered to show such a strength.  


“Hyung, y/n is giving birth today” Kook said in a firm tone.  

“I know it’s early but..” he lost his strength suddenly and burst into tears.  

“She’s been in the operation room for two hours and I can’t stand on my own anymore! I can’t stop thinking about how bad it’ll may be!” it took only a minute for his tears to cover his cheeks, the thought of losing both of you was too much to bare alone. RM dashed towards the doctor as he came out, Jungkook couldn’t even take a deep breathe to calm himself down.  

“Jungkook-ah!” Namjoon said as he finished with the doctor, Kook looked up at him with shaky eyes, but his hyung’s face didn’t reassure him. Namjoon took a deep breath and looked away, holding back his tears which forced Jungkook to stand up and look deeply in his eyes, tears didn’t stop.  

“I’m- I don’t know, I want you to take a deep breath and control yourself, things like these happen and doctors can’t stop” Kook stared at him shocked.  

“y/n- y/n passed away” Words fell as sharp as knives on his heart, as he felt like chocking. All he could do was continue crying even harder, falling down on the chair, as none of the boys could calm him down, they cried silently with him, sharing his pain, but his grief was bigger than he could handle, so he fainted after crying for hours straight.

~ I cried while writing this 🙁 .. sorry if this seemed so depressing :/ ~