BTS reaction to S/O opening up to them for the…


Seokjin will let you talk before telling you his honest opinion on the subject, no
matter what it was he’d try his best to help you over some that trauma no
matter how long it takes.


Yoongi’s face will express no emotion as you talk to him but he’s only doing
that so he can help you carry the weight. He’ll ensure you that he will be with
you and try to get you through it but his words will the cold truth.


Hoseok will hold your hand the entire time you were venting and eventually
bring you closer to him, wrapping his arms around you to make you feel safe.
His words will only be positive, assuring you that everything will be ok.


Like Yoongi not a lot of emotion will be shown at first with Namjoon but after
you were done speaking he’d hold you and give his blunt opinion on the
situation but also offer words of encouragement.


His arms would never leave you whether or not you wanted him to. Jimin will try
his best to be positive and comfort you so that you will be able to see past that trauma.


A reassuring smile will be planted on his face while he rubs your back
encouragingly. Taehyung will give you his view and try to give you advice as
well as keep you optimistic.


Jungkook will listen to you blankly as he’s trying to put himself in your shoes
so that he may understand it better. Sometimes he’ll trip over his words trying to give
you the best answer. Ultimately his words will come out more in the form of
positive remarks than advice.