BTS reaction to S/O thinking that they lost their appeal


Seokjin would take this very seriously and have a sit down tall with you to find out why Because as you told him that he felt both sad and a bit angry that you’d think that. Expect him to completely debunk those thoughts.


Yoongi would be disappointed. How could you think that? He’ll take a few minutes to wrap his head around what you said then he’ll talk to you about it. At the end of your conversation you may even feel guilty for thinking that.


That sun has gone down. Hoseok hates that fact that you think that. He’ll definitely prove you wrong by showing you how much he loves you in every way possible.


Another sit and chat. Namjoon would want to know the root of you thinking that. Was gone too often? Was he ignoring you? Were uncomfortable with something? He’ll bombard you with questions and at the end of it there will be some cheesy moment where he tells you how much he loves you.


This would worry Jimin and He wouldn’t tell you since you already were having doubts about him. He’ll go to one of his hyungs to ask a few questions first then come back to you. He will talk to you and be completely honest, as advised by momma Jin.


Heartbroken, Taehyung couldn’t believe what you told him and He didn’t like it one bit. He’ll talk his hardest to change your mind by dropping everything he was caught up with and spending as much time with you reassuring you that he still loves you.


Jungkook would be flat out confused, his mind filled with questions. He’ll just listen to you tall about how you feel and why until the end to say something back. He will ask you how he could make it up to you and probably later ask one of his hyungs for help as well.