How would BTS comfort their homesick GF


Seokjin would try and distract you. Cook for you, take you out, do aegyo, anything to make you feel better and He would do a very good job of it.


Yoongi would talk it out with you and hold you while you did, whether you cried or not. Without you knowing he’s going to find out about your homeland and try to recreate the things you were familiar with.


Hoseok would do try to diver your attention as well but his main focus would be getting you to smile so you wouldn’t feel so down as he hates seeing you sad.


Namjoon would ask if there’s anything he could do for you. He’ll definitely talk to you about what you miss then try to make up for it with what he could find.


It I’ll be Jimin’s mission to get you to smile again. He’ll try anything he can to get to smile but one thing he did that definitely made you feel better was getting in contact with one of your friends back home.


Seeing you sad in anyway was not pleasant for Taehyung. He’ll try his best to make you happy again, from asking Jin to cook foods from your home country to taking you out of the house to get your mind off of things


Expect to be dragged all over the place, from restaurants to arcades to an aquarium to a movie theatre . Jungkook didnt know how to deal with it at first but he knew that he had to get your mind off of things