BTS reaction to a foreign celebrity saying that they’re their bias


Seokjin would be a bit flustered but very happy at the fact that you liked him. He’d take a little while before he actually took up the offer


Yoongi was shocked for a bit, he had to process for a bit but on finding out he’d be a bit cocky around the members. Namjoon would see past it and push him to go for it


He would be a bit shy about it but he’d love the fact that you liked him. He’ll be a bit coy but he will accept your offer.


Namjoon would love that. He’ll definitely them up on the offer and maybe flirt just a little.


He wouldn’t know what to do. His face would be completely red, it would take a lot of teasing and convincing for him to go for it


Taehyung is through the roof excited and a bit embarrassed from their compliment but he would accept after rolling it back and forth in his head.


He would be shook, literally lost at what just happened. He’d need someone to confirm that this just happened. He will need a bit of pushing for him to meet them.