BTS reaction to their S/O having tattoos


Seokjin would be a bit more conservative especially on Korean TV it depends on how many tattoos you have and where they are. But he wouldn’t mind you having them.


Yoongi is not a fan of tattoos on himself but he doesn’t care that you have. He’ll ask a few questions here and there but that’s it.


Hoseok will admire you for being able to take the pain for a tattoo. He will ask you quite a few questions as he loves them.


Namjoon would like them and expect compliments and little comments on how badass you are for getting them.


He’ll think they’re cool but he wouldn’t like you showing them off all the time however mostly on Korean TV although it does depend on where they are.


He loves them just as he loves the rest of you. He’ll ask you numerous questions firstly then find himself touching them when he’s bored or just at random times.


Jungkook thinks they’re awesome. He will ask you about them at randomly and he especially loves touching and looking at them.