BTS reaction to a member dropping their sister


You will never hear the end of his nagging. As Jungkook dropped her he knew that he was in trouble, if looks could kill Jungkook would have died at least 7 thousand times. Seokjin’s first priority was his sister but when he truly knew she was ok Jungkook would be punished by mama Jin.


J-Hope knew that he was going to die period. Firstly Yoongi didn’t like the idea and now this. Yoongi was fuming, Jin and RM had to calm him down after he checked on his sister. Yoongi would avoid him for a while until he got a scolding from his sister on how unreasonable he was being.


His sister was Hoseok’s concern not V. Hoseok would avoid talking to V no matter how many times he apologized because he didn’t want to scream at him, until he finally burst and now he’s the one apologizing to V but only after his sister told him that he should.


Namjoon couldn’t help but feel angry. He made sure his sister was ok then proceeded to scold Jimin on being careless but Jimin wouldn’t be the only one being scolded he’d do it to his sister as well on not being more careful. Namjoon would deal with this as maturely as possible


Jimin couldn’t deny that he was angry, having Jin apologising in his ear didn’t help but he kept his lips shut for his sister’s sake. Eventually he’d accept the fact that it was a mistake after cooling off for a while and being advised by Namjoon.


Taehyung didn’t want to believe that Namjoon dropped his sister. He’ll try his best to be understanding but in the heat of checking on his sister he didn’t want anyone to bother him. He will accept Namjoon’s apology but after everything had settled down.


Jungkook would be furious but seeing that it was Suga who dropped his sister he bit his lip and kept his anger down. When Yoongi apologised he sighed knowing that it was an accident but he still felt heated on the inside, he’d take a little while before he cooled down and a bit more before he was ok with Suga once again.