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"I have some thoughts" ok, you say that as in you didn't just wreck me with that pic!

my thoughts: then Perish

Whats the discord like Im scared to join LOL

hi! pls don’t be scared to join. it’s very chill tbh, and it’s mostly a variety of conversations that always circle back around to kpop. we do have a set of rules/guidelines everyone follows, but so far, we haven’t had a need to enforce them. everyone’s been lovely! -admin sydni

Omg, why are you attacking me???😭🤮

it’s award season he’ll be on the prowl again i’m prepping yall!!!

Ah!!! I was mistaken. It’s good to know Junglebook’s wife is running his Namjoon blog when he’s busy uwu

yes, yes! cat and jungoo, the biggest namjoon fangirl and fanboy duo in the world, sometimes get too busy, so he hit me with those sparkly eyes of his to help out. -sydni 

Are there new admins? o: Who are they and what are their bloggs

i’m not technically new, i was here for a while before! but hi, i’m sydni. cat and i are roommates and i’m now proud to say i dragged her into bts hell >:) my url is @nnamkook

are there really “other mods”, Mr Jeon? Or is it just you chugging Loving Namjoon juice? 🧐

it’s me, sydni, chugging Loving Jungkook juice while he chugs loving Namjoon juice. we got a great system here. -sydni

Jungkook, it’s ok. Everybody knows you’re Joon’s biggest fan and definitely knows more English than you’re letting on. You’re doing a great job sweetie

listen,,, while i am not denying that jeon jungkook is namjoon’s biggest fanboy, i am denying that this is jungkook typing this message right now -admin sydni

I'm always reading your tags, too! They're top notch. 👌 12/10. – 👽

move over namjoon its me the people came to see

it certainly was oh wow

LIKE are we kidding,,,,

I don't know much about scars either lol. I also really like how flat Namjoon's nose is. It requires to be booped 🍑

yes!! to his flat nose appreciation!!!

as a fellow flat noser, i can vouch for its boopability