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BTS reaction to the dancer they’re paired with being in pain

Sorry to hear that sweetie. I hope everything went well ❤



Seokjin would ask you if there’s anything he could do for you and maybe try to get you a break or push back the practice.


Yoongi would not be having this at all. He will not like you continue as your health is more important.


He try and distract you from the pain as best as he could while convincing you to stay home if you’re in too much pain next time


Namjoon would tell you to not come back until you’re well enough, it would be mild scolding as he thinks you should take care of yourself.


Jimin will see if there’s anything he can do for you to feel better and pass on the fact that you’re not well unless you tell him not to but you’ll have to promise him that you will take care of yourself better.


Taehyung would hate to see you in pain. He’ll try his best to comfort you while telling you that you should force yourself.


Jungkook will be a bit awkward buy help will as you if you need anything. He’ll probably run to Jin or RM about this because he’s lost on what to do.



King Kim (Namjoon PT2)

You roughly passed your hands through your hair. He was scary to say the least. You tossed yourself back on your bed as you remembered what just happened.

With his last words he left the kitchen. You could have sworn you saw death right there, your breath quivered as your father wrapped his arms around you.

“Go back to your room and wait for your mother” you wouldn’t dare disobey again if it meant seeing the King again.

“I can not believe you disobeyed me!” Your mother stormed into the room with her hands on her hips, she was angry but she couldn’t help but worry as well.

You looked up at her with tears in your eyes, she huffed before sitting next to you and holding you in your arms. You dug your head into her neck and sighed as her welcoming scent caressed you.

“I know he’s scary but he can be quite nice” your mother brushed the hair out of your face. You didn’t care, that man was terrifying to you.

King Kim didn’t say anything much to you but his mere presence was overwhelming, along with his aura. With the little he said it felt like you were being treated as if you were worth nothing and to him you probably are, you aren’t used to being treated like that.

In fact you were constantly locked in your room for what your parents called ‘safety reasons’

You knew that you didn’t want to meet him again especially if he’s angry

“I know you’re not going to like this but we have to clean his room. When your grandfather was alive he made sure that we got the best jobs in the place. I got head maid and your father head chef”

You couldn’t help but drift back to those days. You loved your grandfather with your all, he didn’t talk much about himself but he was a great man.

His position as Royal advisor, then chief of the court a few years before his tragic death, was admirable, the same way he kept his relation to your mother a secret for her safety as it would be too dangerous but he never fully explained why except for the fact that your mother would never have a normal life.

You followed behind your mother with your eyes glued to the ground. You didn’t like wondering the halls very often unless you were looking for one of your parents.

“Y/N” your mother brought her hand up to lift your chin

“Keep your head up. Be proud of who you are” you nodded and tried your best to keep your head up.

You kept your eyes on the back of your mother’s head not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. From the corner of your eye you could see Earl Jung Jungkook and it seemed like your mother did too as she told you to speed up.

You reached the door that hid King Kim’s bedroom and you shivered. What lies behind that door?

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Teacher AU (Taehyung PT2)

You were extremely tired, you don’t know how Mia does it. She forced you to go to a party and you only got two hours of sleep and yet there she is wide awake paying attention in class and you couldn’t keep your eyes opened for another second.

The words of Mr. Kim slowly drifted off into the abyss as you could no longer keep your eyes open and sleep crept over you.

A loud bang jolted up up from your seat causing you to jump and land on the floor.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen” you opened your eyes as you groaned in pain to face a soft eyed Mr. Kim.

“Are you ok?” Your ears were ringing as you landed on your head quite hard

He brought you to his chest and cupped your face. You dug your head into his chest not caring that he was your teacher, you just wanted the pain to go away.

Slowly you were greeted by a deep sleep, the voice of Mr. Kim echoing in the background.

A moan left your lips, your head felt light and your body was on fire. A hand engulfed yours, your eyes shot open and filled with a blinding light.

“Y/N?” a hand smoothed your hair down

Your vision cleared an Mr. Kim stood next to you. He sighed deeply, his eyes filled with sorrow

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault, I shouldn’t have done that” you waved your hand, dismissing his words as you were too doped up on morphine to care.

“The doctors said you’ll be fine with some rest. Nothing is broken thankfully” you felt your cheeks heat up, you hid your face in your hands hide your embarrassment as you remember what happened

“Are you in pain?” You shook you head and he placed his hand on your shoulder

“I’ll go get the doctor” as you heard the door close you leaned back and groaned

This wasn’t right. He was your professor but you couldn’t help but feel some attraction towards him. Especially after he took care of you so well.

You were completely annoyed now. Question after question, poking and prodding. You just wanted to go home and fall into a coma, preferably a food coma, you were starving.

“Alright. Everything is in order so you may go” you sighed

“I’ll take you home” Mr. Kim thanked the door

“Take care of your girlfriend Mr. Kim” you froze

“I had to lie because of legal reasons. It would be weird if I said I was your teacher”

And it wouldn’t be weirder to play your boyfriend? You thought but shook it off.

He helped you off of the bed, treating you as if you were fine China. You were offered a wheelchair and of course you declined but you had to as it was hospital policy.

“Oh crap” you tried to hide away from the person talking to one of the nurse

“What is it?” Mr. Kim paused





Teacher AU (Taehyung x Reader)

You were late, again. You rushed through the halls of your college groaning at the thought of Mrs. Michael grilling you about your tardiness. You avoided crashing into the persons you ran past, apologising when you brushed someone.

You didn’t mind her as long as you didn’t have to have a long conversation with her. She was a decent middle aged woman.

You stood in front of the door, took a deep breath and knocked before slowly opening it. To your surprise you were not faced by Mrs. Michael’s screaming but with a smooth male voice.

“And who are you?” You want wide eyed at the sight of the asian man in front of you, he was devilishly attractive.

“Y/F/N” he leaned back on the desk and folded his arms

“And why are you late?” And of course you forgot to set your alarm

“I had to deal with a family emergency last night: he nodded slightly

"You may take your seat” to trudged toward you seat and looked over to your friend Mia for some answers

“Mrs. Michael has been put on bed rest by her doctors, she’s pregnant with triplets so she’s going to be out for a while. That’s Mr. Kim, he’s going to replace her” she whispered

You groaned, Mr. Michael was a pain bit she was a damn good teacher. You hoped that this Mr. Kim would be just as good or maybe even better.

You found yourself staring at his movements, he was in his element. His words were eloquent, his steps across is the room were as if he was a ballet dancer, something wasn’t right here.

You couldn’t believe that he explained everything so simply. Psychology was relatively easy but some aspects were hard to grasp.

You sank down in your seat as Mr. Kim dismissed the class, Mia ran out of the class after waving you for her next as it was across campus.

You on the other hand were free for an hour. You packed up your books and made your way to the door just as someone pushed into you causing you to crash to the ground.

You felt a pair of arms pick you up effortlessly. Your back was pressed up against an unknown person’s chest.

“Are you ok?” You stiffened

“Y-yes I am” Mr. Kim let you go and picked up your fallen books.

“Ms.L/N please don’t be late to my class again and refrain from lying to me. I would appreciate it” you froze like a deer in headlights

“I-um” his laugh filled the air, it was sweet.

He sat on his desk, looked at you directly in your eyes and smirked.

“I like you Y/N. Now if you’ll excuse me I have work to do. Have a great day” he went back to his desk and pulled a stack of peppers towards him

You shook your head then exited the classroom. You leaned back on the door and though, what the hell just happened?




[180615] [Naver X Dispatch] BTS’ 5th Debut Anniversary Party



[180615] [Naver X Dispatch] BTS’ 5th Debut Anniversary Party



[180615] [Naver X Dispatch] BTS’ 5th Debut Anniversary Party



[180615] [Naver X Dispatch] BTS’ 5th Debut Anniversary Party


King AU (Namjoon x Reader)

I want to make this as neutral as possible so anyone can read this and feel involved no matter their race or gender. So I will be leaving out a lot of deal in describing the physical feature of the reader.

I have two questions for you guys:

What should the name of the country be?

Who should be Namjoon’s competition?


The sound of the rain filled the room, he stood up, his eyes showed no emotion. The black and blue walls were adorned with the shield of fallen men. This was his thrown room, a constant reminder of the blood that has been shed for him.

Thousands of men knelt before him, no one dared to try and defy him. They covered from head to toe in armour.

This was a foreign world in the 21st century. Any visitors would either cringe or admire the old feel of this country.

This man was considered a beast every since he took the throne by force from his father, ever since then peace has reigned over the lands. Not only was he a great general but a politician.

“Stand up straight” your mother tugged down the dress you were forced to wear

You rolled you eyes. King Kim or as you would just say Namjoon, you didn’t really care for titles especially the one you now held as maid. You looked at yourself in the mirror the dress was decent, a simple knee length purple dress with black lace detail.

“I have to go tend to your highness, I will be back. Stay here” she warned

You sat down on your bed with a sigh. This was your life, your father was a chef amd your mother a maid. In the corner of your eye you could see a picture of your grandfather, once a loyal advisor to the king himself but that fact wasn’t renown. Times were better when he was alive, the castle felt like home then but now it was a prison.

You huffed and opened the door to go see if you could find your father in the kitchen. You tried your best to duck away from all persons who came your way.

The walls all had black accents to go with the golden walls, it seemed King Kim had a love for the colour black, maybe because it resembled his heart. The palace was beautiful to say the least. It stood at 6 storeys high with cream exterior walls.

“You” your breath caught in your throat

You turned slowly to see Earl Jung Jungkook. You quickly bowed, your eyes glued to his feet. He humed in approval.

“Raise your head and tell me your name” he sighed softly

“Y/N” You kept your eyes on his face

“Look at me” you wouldn’t dare defy him . He smirked

“You are beautiful. It’s unfortunate you are of no rank ” he placed his hand under your chin

“You are dismissed” you took your leave and practically began running to the kitchen

You wrapped your arms around you father, taking him by surprise. You dug your head into his shoulder.

“What is it Y/N?” You looked at your father who had the same eyes as you

“I met Earl Jung Jungkook” Your father sighed

“He is a bit….much” he enclosed you in your arms

“You need to go back to your room and wait on your mother” A servant rushed into the kitchen

“Your majesty is coming!” Your father gave you a batch of dirty dishes and pushed you towards the door.

“Pretend like you’re just coming in” he jogged back to his station

The door was opened to reveal your king. He stood tall in a fitted black suit, embellished with gold and sapphires.

To say he was gorgeous would be a lie, he was more than that. He was positively memorizing, but his silver hair was the most shocking.

His eyes roamed around the kitchen until it landed on you. He strolled throughout the kitchen, analysing the people and there work, everyone carried on like he wasn’t there except for you.

You just stared at him. You caught your father’s eyes and his frown brought you back, you scurried into the kitchen towards the sink, you bumped into the King. Your head shot down as multiple apologises left your lips.

“I have not seen you before” his voice made you shiver

“She is my daughter. I apologise for her mishap, she’s new to-” King Kim glared at your father

“She has a tongue and lips so she can speak for herself” you rolled back and forth on your heels, not sure what to do, you glanced at your father

“Speak child!”

“Y/N, my name is Y/N. I have just started today your majesty. My sincerest apologies” he eyed you from your head to toe, you couldn’t help but feel small.

“Do not make this happen again”

Words: 761