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Daddy and Babby? 🤔

BTS reaction to meeting their S/O’s children from a past relationship


Seokjin would be quite nervous. He d want you child(ren) to like him and He’d do anything in his power to do so. You’d constantly have to reassure him that everything would be fine.


Yoongi would be a bit less but on the inside. He show you that he’s cool about it but really it’s nerve wrecking for him. He deeply hopes that they’ll like him. Eventually you’d find out he was a hot mess and try to soothe his worries.


Hoseok is through the roof happy more than he is worried. Every now and then he’ll ask a question about them, he’d do his best to prepare; find out about them, how they looked and so on. He was totally prepare until the day actually came then he’d just be a bundle of nerves


Namjoon would be a bit awkward, not sure what to do but he’s try his best to get along with them. You know you can entrust Namjoon with your child(ren) but just not around a stove. Namjoon would be mostly fine, with a few nerves here and there.


I have no idea what I’m going to do, this would be in Jimin’s mind constantly. Jimin would break out inside and outside. He’d push back the date that they were set to meet because he was so nervous. You’d have to push him and continuously comfort him.


Complete and utter excitement, Taehyung was ready for this day in fact he had you move the day up, although, he did feel a bit nervous he was overwhelmed with excitement overall.


Being very honest with you jungkook would say that he has no idea what to do. He would be the kind of awkward around your child(ren), it will take him quite a while to get used to them and vice versa


Everything is still open


BTS – LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear ‘Singularity’ Comeback Trailer

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