What groups/artists do you listen to?

for kpop, i mostly listen to: bts, nct, exo, ateez, twice, clc, exid, stray kids, twice, txt, colde – but i listen to various songs from a lot of others.

outside of kpop, i listen to a lot of chase atlantic, carly rae jepsen, 04 limited sazabys, oneokrock, 5 seconds of summer, halsey, daughter, eden

there are a lot more, but these give a general idea (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Top 5 kpop songs of the year? And top 5 kpop mvs?

okay, this is gonna sound weird, but i don’t really watch mvs, lmao. top five songs:

1. “sage” by onlyoneof

“fancy” by twice

3. “dionysus” by bts
4. “obsession” by exo
5. “side effects” by stray kids

how about you, nonny? leave y’all’s answers in the replies!

Send in questions? Ok. Hmmm … oh! I've got one! Are there any Joonie outfits you particularly like? (Ik he looks good in basically EVERYTHING, but I mean if you had to choose) – 👽

yaaaay, questions! actually, yes: sydni top tier looks! 

new years eve, i’m home alone bc i’m lame, send me questions – admin sydni

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hey y’all! out of curiosity, if we made a namjoonlooks discord server (a groupchat platform if you don’t know), would y’all be interested in joining? both admins would be there, and it’d be a place to talk about namjoon (and other things obvi) -admin sydni

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